About the fires (in English)

Aerial view of forest areas damaged by the fires, August 2018.

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The forest fires in Ljusdal Municipality in 2018

On July 14th at 4.41 p.m. the local rescue services were alerted to a forest fire, after a lightning strike at Ängra in Ljusdal Municipality. Only 13 minutes later they were also alerted to a lightning strike at the area of Nötberget. This became the start of one of the largest fires in Sweden in modern times.

On July 16th the local rescue services were alerted to a fire in the area of Enskogen. Due to the extreme and longlasting drought in forests and fields and windy weather, the fires spread quickly. In total, five different fires were raging in the area during July, but the two smallest fires at Rullbo and Tovåsen were soon extinguished.

Both national and international rescue teams were involved in fighting the forest fires. Four weeks after the fires started, on August 9th, the fires were put out and the rescue efforts were terminated.

The affected forest areas have been declared closed to the general public, for safety reasons. The Municipality of Ljusdal and The County Administrative Board in Gävleborg have established a Coordination Office to support landowners and others who are affected by the fires.

Facts about the fires

  • 23 475 acres of forest (about 20 000 football fields) are affected by the fires.
  • The affected areas at Ängra, Enskogen, Nötberget, Tovåsen and Rullbo concern about 150 land owners in total, among these mostly private owners. Three land owners are forest companies.
  • About 20 - 30 buildings were directly affected by the fire, all non-residential.
  • About 200 people were evacuated at different stages.
  • The fires in Ljusdal municipality caused no fatal or severe injuries to people.

Prohibition to stay in fire-damaged forest areas
For your safety, the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg prohibits the public to visit the fire damaged forest area in Ljusdal Municipality. It is still very dangerous to enter the area due to the risk of silently falling trees. When setting foot on the ground there is also a risk of activating embers underneath it or falling into sinkholes.

The prohibition does not apply to state and municipal authorities performing tasks in the area, or their contractors. Nor does it apply to residents, landowners in the area or contractors staying there on their behalf.

Information on road traffic
The main roads 296 and 84 in Ljusdal Municipality are re-opened along the routes that were affected by the fires. You may pass through, but not make any stops where signposts have been set up. A number of minor roads have also been closed down for safety reasons.

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Are you or anyone else in an emergency situation?
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